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Eidon Confocal Retinal Scanner is the wide-view system and combines with confocal scanning technology to provide a true-color image.

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True Color Confocal Scanner

EIDON Retinal Imaging is vital to keeping your eyesight and general health. The EIDON Retinal Camera generates a picture that is as distinctive as your fingerprint and provides us with a wide perspective to check out the health of your retina. The retina is the portion of your eye that captures the picture of what you’re considering, similar to film in a camera.

You might not even detect any change in your own sight. However, diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal tears or detachments, and other health problems like diabetes and higher blood pressure can be viewed with a thorough examination of the retina.

[su_quote cite=” Dr. Valentina Sarao, University of Udine”]”Eidon provides Ultra-High Resolution, Wide Field images, and video to detect the slightest dynamic details of retinal blood flow.”[/su_quote]

EIDON Retinal Imaging is operated by means of a tablet using a multi-touch, higher resolution, color display; it functions using a dedicated software application and functions as a standalone device. A joystick is supplied when manual operation of the device is desired. Digital Retinal Imaging is important for patients to understand what’s happening behind their eyes and preferred way for assessing the inside of the eye since it is a permanent record.

EIDON Retinal Imaging Benefits: 

  • A scan to demonstrate a healthy eye or detect disorder. 
  • An opinion of the retina, giving your doctor a more sophisticated perspective than he/she could get by other means.
  • The chance for you to view and talk about the picture of your retina with your physician at the time of your examination.
  • A permanent record for your file, which allows us to view your images each year to Search for modifications
  • True color and infrared confocal images
  • Super-high resolution and contrast
  • Capability to image through cataract and media opacities
  • Dilation-free operation
  • Optimal exposure of the optic disc
  • Exam time less than 1’ per eye (single field)
  • From Fully automated to Fully manual mode
  • User-friendly software interface

How Eidon Works

  • Eidon was designed to provide maximum flexibility during use. Its intuitive commands permit to range from fully automated to completely manual mode.
  • It functions using a dedicated software program and operates as a standalone device, through the use of a high resolution, multi-signature, color display tablet.
  • It auto aligns to the individual’s student, focuses the retina and captures images, IR and color, using a gentle light source that guarantees maximum patients’ comfort.

What you see is exactly what it is! The unique mix of confocal imaging and white light illumination offers superior image quality and color fidelity. Using white light, the retina looks as it seems when directly detected, as the entire visible spectrum is within the captured image. Key Characteristics — Extreme ease of use: patient auto-sensing, auto-alignment, auto-focus. — All-in-one compact layout, no extra PC required (Small footprint) standalone performance. — Local storage of Patients information and graphics. — Tablet worked — Short exam period: captures one eye in less than 1′ (single area ) — multiple imaging techniques using distinct light sources — True color pictures — Widefield, 60° in one exposure, up to 110° with multiple acquisitions



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