RetCam 3 Digital Imaging System

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RetCam 3 system has been created especially for the field using last generation technology which permits the capture of wide-field images in high resolution and catches videos efficiently.

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Innovation with Advanced Digital Imaging System

RetCam 3 is a fully integrated system that delivers the next generation of ophthalmic visualization, photo documentation, and ease of use with a new user interface and ergonomic piece. This innovative system enables the record of brilliant, full-color images that can be used for prompt assessment of the retina and anterior chamber. Stunning digital images can be sent electronically to the ophthalmologist for immediate interpretation and tracked longitudinally over time. RetCam electronic imaging makes it possible to capture photographs of this pediatric retina at the NICU and PICU.
Our family of lenses contains the premature infant 130-degree lens, the most conventional baby 120 level lens, the large magnification 30 level lens, the high contrast 80-degree lens, and the horizontal field portrait lens used for outside photographs.

The RetCam is equipped with a family of interchangeable lenses that provide the user with a vast range of image options which allow the physician to see both anterior and posterior ocular pathology.

Perfect image of the Whole fundus viewing

The most recent developments on the subject of pediatric imaging are assimilated from the Retcam 3. The Retcam 3 provides the specialist with the ability to acquire a perfect image of the whole fundus, for example, neonatal patients. Additionally, due to the new applications, 2-minute videos can be made by which, if desired, individual frames can be saved after. With this new software, there are many more opportunities to edit the pictures during and following the screening. Trough utilizing advanced lenses the ability is made for around 130° widescreen material. The Retcam 3 provides the capacity to diagnose disorders as ROP, retinoblastoma and Shaken Baby Syndrome, while their ailments, in some instances, weren’t even detectable with the traditional methods previously. By employing the in software incorporated, innovative filters it’s in plenty of cases not needed to apply FA more. A fluorescence angiography module can be found on Retcam 3.

Retcam 3 Clinical Benefits

  • RETCAM IN THE NICU Imaging preemies for physician evaluation of pediatric ocular diseases
  • RETCAM IN NEWBORN NURSERY Imaging full-term babies for physician evaluation of pediatric ocular diseases and establish a baseline for future eye health
  • RETCAM IN THE OR Imaging full-term babies for physician evaluation Imaging of children who undergo examinations under anesthesia
  • RETCAM IN THE CLINIC Imaging provides information that can be shared with parents to help them better understand the physician evaluation

Retcam 3 Exclusive Features

  • Fluorescein Angiography Capability
  • Wide field of view, 120 degrees.
  • Five interchangeable lenses
  • CE and FDA Cleared Device & Database
  • New ergonomic handpiece with high quality 3 CCD chip video camera
  • Clarity ROP 130° lens • Integrated computer with 19-inch flatscreen
  • Photo/text printer
  • Completely new software
  • Video capture possibilities
  • Extensive network possibilities
  • Footswitch with all important functions
  • The trolley which the entire system is integrated in

Accessories Included:

  • RetCam Shuttle User’s Manual,
  • RetCam Review Station User’s Manual,
  • Cart, Laptop Power supply cable,
  • USB video input cable,
  • EO Box, Footswitch, Imaging Practice Kit,
  • D1300 Lens Premature Infant,
  • E800 Lens High Contrast Children’s & Adults,
  • PL200 Lens Portrait,
  • Software: RetCam Shuttle System Installation Disk
  • RetCam Review Station System Installation Disk


Retcam 3 Manufacturer Information

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