Zeiss Clarus 500 Ultra-widefield (UWF) Imaging System

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ZEISS CLARUS 500 bringing the optics to the individual, the system helps create a comfortable patient experience that supplies images free of obstructions, such as lids and lashes, and requires fewer recaptures.

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ZEISS CLARUS 500 is the Next Generation of ultra-widefield Fundus Imaging System

CLARUS 500, the brand new ultra-widefield retinal camera in ZEISS, allows clinicians to use color to their own diagnostic advantage. ZEISS CLARUS generates images that closely resemble the coloration of the fundus as seen during clinical examination. Color fundus imaging can assist in the identification and documentation of ocular disorder, ensuring confidence when assessing the optic disk, nevi, and lesions in which color is essential.

ZEISS CLARUS 500 Captures a high-resolution Image

CLARUS 500 captures accurate and clear pictures from the macula to the far periphery. Early indications of a disorder may frequently be subtle and difficult to determine through direct monitoring or low-resolution fundus imaging. Leveraging ZEISS optics, CLARUS 500 is an ultra-widefield retinal camera that captures a high-resolution image down to 7 microns.

CLARUS 500 lets clinicians monitor subtle changes in pathology over time. Together with an intuitive review application, the ultra-high-resolution of this next-generation retinal camera in ZEISS enables clinicians to manage change with confidence.

The system generates exceptional images in true color that closely resemble the color of the retina, as seen through direct observation during clinical evaluation.

CLARUS 500 has also been intentionally designed to optimize each individual’s experience. By bringing the optics to the patient, the system helps create a comfortable patient experience that provides pictures free of obstacles, such as lids and lashes, and also needs fewer recaptures. The live IR preview feature also permits the operator to optimize orientation before capturing an image.

Manage your patients with confidence:
• COLOR. Capture True Color to aid in differential diagnosis
• CLARITY. See high-resolution details from the posterior pole to the periphery
• COMFORT. Create a comfortable patient experience that ensures image integrity



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