Top Lens Edger Machines to Increase Optometrist Practice Revenue 

In as much as we all love our jobs, what we earn from them matters since bills have to be paid, right? The optical industry keeps on changing, and optometrists have to do everything they can to keep up with the competitive field and still make a significant profit.

Investing in a lens edger is one way of gaining revenue by lowering lab bills. It also allows you to compete with optical retailers since you can produce glasses within hours and increases your cash flow. In-house edging is profitable for your business and gives your clients gratification since they don’t have to wait for long before receiving their lenses.

To earn revenue from your job, you must be both an eye doctor and a businessman. You should think of checking out the patternless lens edger for sale to help you expand your business.  Our discussion will help you wear both hats of being an eye doctor and a business person to help you get more revenue by investing in an effective edger. Before we review some of them, we will give you a better understanding of what they are and how they function. Find out more!

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What is lens edger?

Lens Edger

A patient who needs glasses has to choose the frame they want for their pair. Eyeglasses come in different forms of lenses according to the condition of the patient. They also differ in their power as well as pupil distance.  A lens edger is a must-have for an optometrist to be able to shape the optical lens to fit the frame of glasses.

What does a lens edger do?

It provides different shapes and sizes to lenses. With such a machine in your office, you can customize lenses to make them appealing to customers. Edging is a process that involves two components, namely the tracer and blocker. Choosing an edger system with both of these components can help you deliver lenses more effectively.

The tracing and blocking stages are critical in making the final product. The blocker helps you maintain accurate height positions during edging and also prepares your lens for the edging process. Tracer determines the shape of the glasses’ frame and their dimensions.  During the process, the machine cuts the lens according to the dimensions that are specified by your tracer.

This edging process cannot be complete without a lensometer, which confirms the power of the lens to manage the patient’s eye condition. With a lens edger, you only need to purchase blanks from the factory and start cutting the glasses in the right shapes and sizes.

You have to confirm that they do not have any blemishes like scratches before you start the cutting process.  One of the most common forms is the patternless lens edger for sale. Most in-office labs love these edgers since they are automated to deliver lenses at enhanced speed.

Thanks to these machines, you can deliver eyewear with speed without sacrificing on the quality. This can earn your customer loyalty and expand your business. They may even refer their friends to your institution.

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Top Lens Edger Machines for Optometrists in 2020

Briot Accura cx

Briot is a reputable brand that produces high-quality optical lab equipment. It is known to design automatic edging systems that minimize labor, save time, and help optometrists gain revenue. They use high-end technology to give you accurate machines that you can get at affordable costs.

Accura CX is a versatile device that features 5D tracing. Most machines feature 3D tracing meaning Accura is a superior model that performs better than the rest.  You can conduct a lot of activities on different lenses from this one machine, thus saving you on costs. It can measure the thickness, shape, size, and curvature of the different lenses. You can also assess the bevel angle of different frames.


  • Memory board
  • Slippery lens setting
  • Manual and pre-set bevel options

It is one of a kind edger since it can modify even the smallest types of lenses. Apart from edging, the machine traces, bevels, blocks, and polishes lenses to make them ready for sale. You can accomplish all these tasks within a brief period since it facilitates the simultaneous processing of different lenses.

The numerous features make it a flexible machine ideal for small offices. It comes in a multifunctional design, which increases precision during use. You don’t need a lot of learning for you to understand how to start using this machine. You can become an edging expert using this machine as it is accurate and delivers fast services.

Feel free to experiments using all kinds of lenses, including glass, polycarbonate, or even AR coated ones. The options make it an automatic device to minimize a lot of manual handling in between the different steps. Check out this patternless lens edger for sale from online stores today and get ready to make high profits as you produce glasses for your patients.

Briot Emotion ($5,000.00)

Briot Emotion Patternless Edging System easier to use with fully-featured from tracing, blocking, edging, and drilling so making it ideal for labs

Briot Emotion providing all the necessary functions for perfect glazing and combines the best of Briot’s technologies so you can edge virtually all of your lab work with remarkable ease and simplicity.

Features and benefits:

  • All-in-one tracing/blocking/edging system
  • Parallax-free, optical blocker
  • Bevel programs: automatic, program guided, manual and flat
  • Automatic polishing of CR-39, Hi-Index, Trivex, and Polycarbonate
  • Integrated grooving, drilling, safety beveling
  • Grinding wheel for beveling all materials

Essilor Mr. Blue ($8,500.00)

Are you looking for a user-friendly edging machine? Choose Essilor Mr. blue and work on different types of frames and lenses. It comes equipped with an automatic blocker as well as a touchscreen interface that requires minimal training. Automatic blocking eliminates the need for focimetry.


  • Blocker
  • Touchscreen
  • Remote maintenance
  • Super grooving

The machine achieves accuracy and precision thanks to the system, which integrates the tracer and blocker. It delivers high curve tracing and can automatically recognize rimless holes. It facilitates the automatic positioning of holes on optical lenses during tracing. It can, therefore, handle small shapes, rimless, bespoke shapes, and high curve glasses.

The numerous functions enhance flexibility for you to conduct demanding jobs. The milling function, for instance, gives you total axis control while the step bevel is designed for sports glasses. It optimizes your edging process and helps you start making money delivering glasses fast from your office. It allows you to produce spectacles in high standards within a short time. 

Nidek le-700

Create ideal shapes of lenses by picking Nickel le-700. It is equipped with the shape editor feature, which helps you achieve perfection during edging. It has a capable blocker that is built-in to help you achieve high resolution.

The touchscreen makes it easy even for a novice to operate the machine with ease. It features some universal icons on the screen as well as a next step wizard operation, which guides you on the procedure until the edging process is complete.


  • Frame tracer
  • 3D edging
  • Tracer-free technology
  • Color touchscreen
  • Bevelling wheels

You can do blocking accurately without making any errors on the height positions of lenses. The manufacturer designs it with a tracer-free technology. They combine the lens and radius measuring unit patterns to trace the demo lens into the right size and shape. This prevents you from making mistakes on the actual lenses.

The front curve is designed to perform 3D edging and obtain 3D tracing data. There is also a frame tracer which deals with high wrap frames. It is accurate since it uses minimum pressure to avoid damaging the structure of your frame.

Nidek incorporates advanced technology to help you come up with various eyewear quickly within no time. Though small, it is an edging station that features all the right functions to work within producing glasses. It comes in a design that makes it perfect for a small office since it takes up minimal lab space.

Most users report that this lens edger allows them to complete up to 20 jobs in a single day. It is cost-effective and ideal for optometrists to generate revenue from making their glasses.  Your purchase also comes with a 1-year warranty, which is proof that it is a high-quality machine.

Nidek me 1200

This is a multifunction edger which gives you the chance to come up with a sports frame. It also facilitates automatic grooving and 3-D drilling. These functions make it possible to form different hole shapes like jewel holes, counterbored, notches, and slots.

The grooving process is accurate to help you form an impressive lens periphery even on curved or thick lenses. You can conduct partial step edging using the available demo lens for practice. The machine completes the process quickly from a single start button. It is, therefore, a user-friendly lens edger that can be used by an eye doctor.


  • 3-D drilling
  • Step bevel
  • Demo lens
  • Electronic Estimate system

The jog dial and display design also make it friendly to operate. You can conduct blocking and hole positioning using the machine. You can also edit the shapes of different lenses using it and manage data effectively.

The manufacturer equips it with an auto-controlling processing mechanism, which reduces vibration during operation. It can calculate the volume and grinding torque of your lenses. The electronic estimate system can tell you how long the edging process takes. Unlike other machines, this can take less time to process one lens, thus minimizing the overall duration. It can conduct different operations, including flat edging, beveling, polishing, and safety beveling.

Essilor Neksia

The manufacturer of this brand combines precision edging and high performance to give you a lens edger that can help you create revenue from making eyewear. You can easily navigate through the different functions using the touchscreen display. It takes a few dials for you to choose various features easily and quickly.

At the center of the system, you will notice every setting you need to complete edging jobs. Feel free to adjust the settings according to the type and thickness of the lens in use. You can store the finished tasks in a database using the barcode reader and access them easily in the future.


  • Touchscreen
  • Barcode reader
  • Tracing cycles
  • Chamfering wheel

You can trace different frame types using Neksia, including small and larger frames. It features the auto-frame form selection and rapid tracing cycles for quick frame tracking. It allows you to drill holes and create flat bevel shapes to achieve high productivity. The blocking and centering process is precise and convenient.

It makes use of edging cycle algorithms to produce optimal results in different edging situations. It facilitates lens alignment and positioning regardless of the material of the lens you are using or its thickness.

The system cycle eliminates axis deviation when working on fragile lenses or hydrophobic types. The automatic period helps you produce a lens that can fit perfectly in the frame giving you high performance. Its chamfering wheel lets you exert enough pressure, which adapts to the edge of the lens as per its shape and curve.

Huvitz Excelon

Do you need a versatile and efficient lens edger? Check out the Huvitz Excelon, which uses 3D digital technology to increase productivity. This technology also minimizes the overall cycle time. It manages multiple jobs at the same time, thus improving efficiency.

The machine contains at least four wheels for grinding different lens materials.  It comes in a compact design, making it ideal for small laboratories. Huvitz Excelon integrates blocking, tracing, and edging. The display guides should guide you through the entire edging process, simplifying every step.


  • Grinding wheels
  • Digital pattern layout
  • Display guides
  • Inverter mechanism

You can conduct grooving, polishing, lens beveling, and safety beveling efficiently by using a few buttons. You can set the height of the multifocal progressive lenses and compare the sizes on the available screen. The tracer is fully automatic, letting you transfer data to the edger. It also features an inverter mechanism that reduces noise during edging to give you a comfortable work environment.

It is an investment you should not miss out on since owning this piece guarantees you the production of high-quality lenses to expand your business and earn more income from your job. You can customize and preview beveling from the display.

The digital pattern layout gives you the chance to modify the height, width, and circumference of the lens so that you can manage any fitting problems. You can also choose to work with the geometric centered or optical layout. It also offers layouts for both near vision and far vision in bifocal lens mode.

Weco e.3

The simplicity of this device makes it suitable for any small lab looking to increase revenue. It is a machine that does not limit you to edging alone since it can perform drilling, blocking, and even tracing. It does not restrict you from working with a specific lens material since it features grinding wheels to bevel different lens materials.

The integrated drilling saves you some cash since you don’t have to get a wholesale lab to help you with drill work. The external or internal safety bevel operates automatically without any hindrances. Apart from the automatic bevel program, the machine also features a flat and manual bevel program.


  • Grinding wheels
  • Touchscreen
  • Safety bevel

The integrated tracer saves on space while the block comes with a small footprint. You can control different aspects of the system thanks to the touchscreen, which has an attractive display. The manufacturer complies with all the standards set by various regulatory bodies such as OMA.

Unlike other edging devices, Weco does not produce a lot of noise, which can be a nuisance in an office. It allows you to work quietly and generate a lot of spectacles from one point. Its weight increases portability for you to work from different stations. Owning this piece could act as an additional source of income. Get this patternless lens edger for sale on online shops today and transform your working space.

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In-house lens edging is becoming a trend since many optometrists have realized how profitable the business is. It can help you raise revenue since you no longer have to incur extra costs paying factories to help you produce spectacles.

It also benefits your customers since it reduces the time they have to wait to receive a new set of glasses. While factories can take days before delivering eyewear, lens edger allows you to make them within a few hours from a small lab.

These machines let you cut, polish, and grind lenses to fit the frames with precision. Most of them do not limit you to edging alone since you can perform other processes such as tracing, blocking, and drilling from one machine.  You may not need a lot of expertise to learn how to operate them since some are designed for beginners.

You should assess how much you can make from these devices by calculating the costs you incur for each spectacle against the price of purchasing this machine. Many users who have bought this equipment before, report that they earn good profit from making their glasses.

Go through our review to compare the capabilities of the different brands so that you can choose one that is in line with your needs.  Remember to consider factors such as noise level, functions, durability, and as well space to get an ideal type. Though it may cost you more during the initial purchase, it is a long-term investment that you will not regret making. All the best!

Matthew Strachovsky, M.D.
Matthew Strachovsky, M.D.

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He continued his education at Stony Brook School of Medicine and graduated with the additional designation of the "MD with Recognition" program. He worked as an intern in Internal Medicine at Winthrop University Hospital in NY and pursued a residency at Stony Brook University Hospital in Ophthalmology acting as Chief Resident in his final year. He completed his fellowship training in Vitreoretinal disease with a major emphasis on the diagnosis and management of retinal vascular diseases under the direction of Dr. Michael O'Brien at Koch Eye Associates in Rhode Island.

Dr. Strachovsky has presented research at the annual Association for Vision and Research in Ophthalmology meeting and published articles in journals including, Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science and The Journal of Neuro-ophthalmology.

Dr. Strachovsky's professional interests include the management of Age-Related Macular Degeneration and diabetic eye disease. He is Board Certified in Ophthalmology and a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, American Society of Retina Specialists, Young Ophthalmologist Network, and Leading Physicians of the World.

" I believe that the physician/patient relationship is more important than ever. Being an Ophthalmologist allows me to help patients and build a foundation of trust, knowledge, and professionalism when it comes to eye care".  

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